Rapid Prototyping


It all starts here…

The MVP or minimum viable product. You will need to build and test your concept to know if you should try to take it to market. Failure points are critical to acknowledge and should not be glazed over just because you have money in your eyes. I have been there before and went through the trials and returns from sad and disappointed customers.

3D Printing

Every step of the prototype process is covered!

  •  Conception 

  •  Design 

  • 3D print

  • Final physical prototype.

Under 1/32" precision tolerance.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 1.16.54 PM.png


Planned Promotion


1. Know Your brand

  • establish your target audience

  • determine your ideal customer

  • distinguish resources (financial, personnel, time, network, etc.)

2. Establish Goals

  • quantify expected audience reach

  • set sales targets

  • practical and attainable

3. Scheduling 

  • create a time frame for the goals we will set

  • realistic, goals set for the long term.

  • List appropriate steps to complete goals


Marketing Services

1. Ad Campaigns

  • web / print

  • designed to fit branding

  • ad re-targeting

  • establish placement

 2. Email Blasts

  • build lists

  • strategize for a better open/click rate

3. Social Media Management 

  • all platforms

  • consistent brand message

  • scheduling and tracking

4. In-Field Marketing

  • events

  • provides a personal feel

  • word of mouth

Global Sourcing


long standing relationships

Business is built on relationships. Through my experience, I have been fortunate enough to build priceless connections with manufacturers and work with them first hand. This comes to a benefit for clients as I have been through the trenches and problems that come when finding a good manufacturer. Because of this, I could help avoid and navigate through potential problems.




Almost there…

Ultimately you’ll want to take this concept to production. I have taken many concepts through to production and successful delivery. Watching over production and making sure you’ve have dotted your “i’s” and crossed your “t’s” is very important before this step.


I have an idea, can you help me make it?

Yes, from prototyping to taking it to market. I have done it every step of the way for many brands.

How much do you charge?

This varies from business to business. I like to have my skin in the game with you so if your business fails, so do I. So this works best by sharing a percentage of sales plus and hourly rate.

Do you do everything yourself?

I am a full service, one stop business builder. Almost every task I can complete to some extent. If I am not capable of completing the task to the highest quality, I use my personal network and relationships to get the job done.