Want to shred this combo on your bike?  

Will I still get an the upstroke pull that I can get with a clip-less pedal? 

No, this system does not lock your foot to the pedal, therefore not allowing you to pull upward.  However, you generally do not pull directly upward even while clipped in.  Our design allows you to have an equal push and pull effect that you actually use while pedaling in clip-less pedals.  

Can you still pedal without the shoe properly snug into the pedal?

Yes, this feeling is very similar to pedaling a flat pedal until the shoe will naturally find the grooves to slide down into. 

How do I adjust my foot position? 

Simply lift your shoe from the pedal and slide in the direction your foot desires.  Each adjustment is roughly .5" vertical and .25" horizontal based off the geometry of the honey comb. 

Some clip-less pedal systems allow for "float" or some degree of horizontal rotation on the pedal.  Does this system allow that? 

Yes, this design has been carefully laid out for each individual shoe size to have a slightly smaller shoe male end to allow for a quick fit and a light twist area for you ankle during the pedal stroke.  The shoe sole durometer will also allow for some natural "give" which will replicate a "float" feel as well. 

Are the shoe sizes and pedals interchangeable?

Yes, the design and format is matching across all the pedals and shoes.  Riders can switch and match between bikes without question.